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Well, still writing my story…both literally and figuratively speaking ….I’m procrastinating…you don’t wanna read glorified nonsense about inspiration and process anyhow? The gist: I’m from Texas, which makes me awesome. I went to Pratt in Brooklyn at 15, officially moved to NYC at 18 with a portfolio scholarship to School of Visual Arts, graduated in 2002, and {enter a ridiculous amount of traveling/moving/working/crazy fun here} eventually moved to California. I make things. I save random finds, stashed (sometimes for years) to later attach to just the right piece. I work in post-production. I’m obsessed with music. I drink whiskey. I talk too much and smile incessantly. I live life and never rest, stimulated by everything, and still trying to figure out a way to make moments last…so, I make pictures that make me feel or laugh or think. That’s me. That’s my story. At least until I write a proper one…

As the world falls down by wendy teague

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